H2O Ministries – Jason Sands

Jason works for a college based church called H2O Church at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He believes college students are one of the most important demographics to share Christ with because they are next in line to be leaders of our churches and our communities. At H20 church they have home groups, life groups and retreats that focus specifically on your walk with Christ and leadership in the church. They want to create and build up a generation of individuals that will be able to lead people to Christ and lead in their communities and churches.

Areas of Thanksgiving

  • Our church is heading up a new church plant in Madison, Wisconsin. We are excited to see what Christ will be doing there.
  • H20 church has had a great first few weeks starting out this year. We've been blessed with all the people showing up to the services on campus and the groups. We've been averaging around 550 students!
  • We officially have started a satellite campus at Akron, Ohio and it's been a really great start for them as well.

Areas of Intercession

  • We want to pray for the church plant in Madison Wisconsin. Pray for the pastor who's going to be heading up the church and for our church to support them as they take on this new venture God has called them to.
  • For the satellite campus in Akron Ohio. We are off to a great start but Akron is more of a commuting campus and so it's hard to start communities in groups when the majority of the people don't live in the area. Just pray that they can have an impact on the community and that they can show Christ's love.
  • Pray for the other staff members and myself that we don't get burnt out, then we can stay close to Christ continue growing, continue learning and continue teaching. That we wouldn't become complacent in our duties and that the stresses that we have every day will just be lifted up to God.

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