Living Water of Ohio – Bobby Tucker

Living Water of Ohio, founded by Bobby Tucker, has been providing clean water to those in poverty stricken areas. They are able to spread the love of Christ and His Gospel through the work they do providing clean drinking water. The people they are helping are able to have healthier lives, they can grow food in more abundance, and their livestock is healthier.  Living Water has a trust in Zimbabwe called Unified Hearts Trust. Together they are working to confront poverty through the love of Christ. They also have started training the people there how to maintain and fix their existing wells (boreholes) and pumps.

Areas of Thanksgiving

  • For the support of our generous donors. We cannot do this without you!
  • So far we have given over 40,000 people access to clean drinking water
  • The Gospel is reaching people in a place where it normally would not go, and in a way that it normally does not get shared, by showing them Christ in us.

Areas of Intercession

  • For the people of Zimbabwe to have a hope in the system that determines their livelihood. The future generation to see a future of peace and stability within their land of birth.
  • Strength and provision for our partners in Zimbabwe. They are the backbone of our operations!
  • For Living Water of Ohio: that we never let our pride take control and stop the good work that Christ is doing through us, and that there would be continuous funding so we can do more.

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