Men’s “8”

8 Weeks. 8 A.M. = Life Change!
Men, would you be willing to join other men in studying the scriptures? Then you are a prime candidate to check out our ministry for men we affectionately call 8. 8 started as an 8 week study of the beatitudes found in Matthew 5:1-12. It has morphed into a 5 part 8 week study of the entire sermon on the mount. This fall we are introducing a new study called, “Know Your Enemy” which also is an 8 week study examining what the Bible says about our adversary, the devil. Men meet together at 8 am on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks in small groups that develop connections between those participating. We throw in 3 breakfasts along the way just for fun all for the low cost of just $30. If you are new to 8, you can choose to do the “Know Your Enemy” study or start with the first leg of the study through the sermon on the mount.

Fall Kick-Off - September 16, 2017

Jeff Houghton
Pastoral Care & Family Ministries Pastor


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