These classes focus on learning your strengths and where to serve, developing leadership skills, and ministering to others. Click on the class title to register.

The Hospitality Factor
Instructor: Tevis Austin
Learn some of the most important factors regarding hospitality and engage in practical ideas for welcoming guests and helping people make connections that lead them into a growing relationship with Christ.
Attend One of Three Available Sessions
Option 1: Sat Oct 14 • 7:30p - 8:30p • Childcare available.
Option 2: Sun Oct 15 • 10:30a - ll:30a • Childcare available.
Option 3: Sun Oct 15 • 12:30p - l:30p
Location: Spring Hills Granville
Includes training for host teams, guest service members, and missions cafe

American Sign Language Class:  Beginner 1
Instructor: Sarah Watson
This class is an introduction to basic sign language.
9 Sessions • Mondays • 6p - 7:3Op • Sep 25 - Nov 20
Location: Spring Hills Granville • Cost: $22
Cost includes book: The Joy of Signing

Group Life Training
Instructor:  Tevis Austin and workshop speakers
This series of classes is for anyone involved in leading any type of group or interested in becoming a group leader.

Leading a Healthy Group
Wed Oct 11 • 6:30p
Location:  Spring Hills Granville • Childcare available.

Leading Engaging Discussions with Different Personalities
Wed Oct 18 • 6:30p
Location:  Spring Hills Granville • Childcare available.

Discipling Others and Growing Your Group
Wed Oct 25 • 6:30p
Location:  Spring Hills Granville • Childcare available.

Leading in and through Adversity
Instructor: Greg Long
We all face adversity in life. Someone may be against you or your ideas. Your child may be rebellious. A colleague may be an antagonist or you may deal with a difficult person in your small group. This workshop will help you learn and apply principles of leadership from Nehemiah in the midst of adversity and antagonism.
1 Session • Sat Sep 30 • 8:30a - 12p
Location: SHBC
Note: This class requires a minimum of 24 participants.

Living Your Strengths
Instructor: Mark Labutis
This class will help you discover your natural, God-given strengths and how to effectively use them to serve using the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment by the Gallup Organization.
6 Sessions • Sundays • 6p - 7:15p • Sep 24 - Nov 5
Location: SHBC • Cost: $18
Note: Cost covers Living Your Strengths book and assessment.
Childcare available.

You Can Be a Mentor
Instructors: Tevis Austin, Cathy Duncan, Paula Pilkington, and others
What does it take to be a mentor? How do you find a mentor? We created this class to help you learn what a mentor is, to understand generational differences in mentoring, and to develop skills to mentor. We have a great need for men and women mentors so this class is for both guys and girls. Help us create a culture of mentoring. New topics and additional information on mentoring are covered.

Attend One of Two Available Options
Location:  Spring Hills Granville

Option 1:
2 Sessions Wednesdays • Sep 20 & 27 • 6p - 8p • Childcare available.

Option 2:
1 Session Sat Oct 28 • 8:30a - 12p

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