Our Vision

April 13, 2018

Many thanks to those of you who were able to attend our SHBC Vision Meeting last Sunday evening in the Fireside Room.  I was encouraged by the turnout and the opportunity to share with you about the strategic changes that will be taking place within our church staff and ministries.  I apologize in advance for the length of this memo, but I believe it is very important to communicate with our congregation and give you as much insight as possible when things are changing.  The remainder of this memo will provide highlights of the meeting along with some additional insight and details.

SHBC Primary Focus

  • Our primary focus continues to be: 
    1. Evangelism
    2. Discipleship
    3. Love, Live & Lead like Jesus

SHBC Measurement of Results

  • While we aren’t a numbers-focused church, we do track certain statistics to measure our effectiveness and ensure that we are being good stewards of the resources God provides.  More importantly, we want to ensure we are making an impact for Christ.  Some highlights of those measurements are:
    1. Our attendance trends are very favorable.  Our average attendance per week is currently 1356.
    2. Our first-time visitor tracking shows that we had 479 visitors who gave us information last year and we are on track to have 600 or more this year.
    3. Our volunteer participation is incredible with over 1037 positions filled.
    4. Our giving trends are steadily improving alongside our attendance trends, indicating that we are a healthy, growing church.
    5. Our cash position continues to improve as we are on track to pay off our mortgage in 2022.  We have been able to set aside funds for capital improvements, short-term and long-term operating funds and our cash receipts currently exceed our budget.

We are praising God for his provision, direction and protection over us as we serve Him.

SHBC – Need for Staff Restructure

  • An area that has been of great concern to the Elders and myself is the need to restructure.  This effort will bring about the opportunity to:
    1. Address my personal schedule and the need for me to have better balance in my work and home life. 
    2. Address the need to prepare a Succession Plan.
    3. Identify and move into new ministry areas:
      • Local community outreach
      • Sr. Adult Ministry
  • We are putting a new reporting structure into place that we believe will create stronger ministry teams with a more streamlined and effective ministry result.  I currently have eight staff members reporting directly to me.  We will be creating a new tier of management that we will refer to as the Executive team.  These team members will be:  Sr. Associate Pastor Brad Pilkington, Sr. Associate Pastor Tevis Austin and Church Business Administrator, Cathi Lucas.  This team will report directly to me and each will then lead and provide supervision for their individual ministry teams.  Additionally, I will be requesting a different role on the GCA Board.  This will require a change to our SHBC Constitution and By-Laws later this year.  I am hoping to serve in an advisory role.



  • Brad Pilkington, Sr. Associate Pastor, will continue to have responsibility for Worship, with the additional assistance of Karrie Miller (worship leader), Andrew Foltz (worship leader) and Jacob Sapp (Videographer).  Brad will take on the additional responsibility for the ministries of Associate Pastors Jeff Houghton, Gary Kirkpatrick and Jeff Smith.  Brad has also stepped up to be a part of the GCA Board.
  • Tevis Austin, Sr. Associate Pastor, will continue with his current responsibilities of Discipleship & Assimilation.  He will also assume responsibility for children, youth and young adult ministries.  Associate Pastor Mark Elliott, Children’s Ministry Directors Dan & Brittany Pound and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator, Michael Williams will be reporting to Tevis.
  • Cathi Lucas, Church Business Administrator, will continue leading the Admin Team as she has for the last nine years. Cathi has given us notice that she plans to retire early in the Summer of 2019.  Our plan is to hire someone in this same role with the hiring process to begin in the second quarter of 2019. 

SHBC Leadership Changes

  • Associate Pastor, Gary Kirkpatrick, who has served as Children’s & Missions Pastor since 1995 will be taking on a new role to further develop our Missions ministry (International), intensify our local community outreach ministry, develop a Sr. Adult ministry and oversee the Congregational Care ministry.  We know that this may come as a surprise to many of you because Pastor Gary has been so devoted to various ministries involving children, youth and missions for the past 23 years.  He may have even taught you personally and is now teaching your children.  He is beloved!  This will be an adjustment for many of us, but Pastor Gary is now poised to further develop our missions, outreach, Sr. Adult Ministry and Congregational Care ministry.  These are all areas of strength for Pastor Gary as well.  After much thought, prayer and evaluation, Pastor Gary and Melodee have agreed to this being a new “calling” for them in ministry here at Spring Hills and have agreed to step into this new role.  Pastor Gary will continue to oversee all Children’s Ministry through this summer. 
  • Associate Pastor Jeff Smith will continue to serve as a part-time pastor providing support for Congregational Care and will now be reporting to Pastor Gary Kirkpatrick.
  • Dan and Brittany Pound have agreed to move from Preschool Directors to accept the newly-developed position of Children’s Ministry Directors.  They will now be responsible for ministry to our children from birth through 6th Grade. 

 SHBC Survey Results

Our recent survey results confirmed what our leadership teams had already identified.  Our vision is “Building Generations for Jesus Christ.”  With that at the forefront, there are some important ministry areas that need to be developed.  We are determined to reach out to our local community in a more intentional and strategic manner.  Additionally, we deeply value the Sr. Adult members of our congregation and we want to develop a ministry that will meet the needs of that contingent of our congregation.  Our Congregational Care needs have increased dramatically in recent years and we want to ensure that we are available to come alongside those with special needs in a time of crisis. 

Finally, we have evaluated our Children’s Ministry area, where we currently minister to over 700 children from birth through High School. We plan to meet very soon with the families represented in the Children’s Ministry to give them more information and provide an opportunity for them to ask questions and give feedback.


In closing, these are exciting times for Spring Hills Baptist Church.  We have an incredible staff who are dedicated to serve the Lord and bring Him glory.  We have an incredible congregation who give generously and serve selflessly.  May we all be in unity as we serve our Lord intentionally with the mission to Love, Live and Lead like Jesus.

In Christ,
Tom Pound

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