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    August 16, 2019 | Serve the Church | Volunteer by Tevis Austin
    What is mentoring?

    Mentors come alongside people in difficult seasons or situations to minister insight, healing, and spiritual growth in a one-on-one, non-clinical environment.  Mentors meet with individuals on a short-term basis and are trained to provide a listening ear, supportive encouragement, empowered prayer, and biblical guidance.

    General Life Mentoring

    General Life Mentors provide mentoring for life’s challenges such as finances, grief support, past hurts, career choices, and parenting.

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    Discipleship Mentoring

    An important step in starting a relationship with Christ is finding a spiritual mentor who can provide encouragement and the support you need to grow in a relationship with Christ.  Discipleship Mentors provide mentoring to help you walk with Jesus and to learn more about knowing Jesus.

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    Marriage Mentoring

    Marriage Mentors come alongside couples to help strengthen a marriage by making a good marriage great or to help repair a marriage that is struggling to get to a better place.  Marriage mentors are also available to meet with couples preparing for marriage.  Mentee couples will be paired with a trained mentor couple who will meet with the mentee couple for a predetermined time based on preparing, maximizing, or repairing the relationship. This is all done with the strictest of confidentiality.   

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    How do I get connected with a mentor?

    To connect with a mentor, click on the link below to complete an application and someone will contact you with more information.

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    How do I sign up to become a mentor?

    Our Mentoring Ministry provides general mentor training for anyone willing to be a mentor.  We also provide specialized training for Discipleship Mentors and Marriage Mentors.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor, click on the link below to complete an application and someone will contact you with more details.

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