NOT IN VEIN – The Opioid Documentary

NOT IN VEIN – The Opioid Documentary

Sunday, January 13, 2019, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: Spring Hills - Worship Center, Granville Campus, 1820 Newark-Granville Road, Granville, OH US 43023

Spring Hills is honored to be a Central Ohio Faith-based Site for the viewing of a NEW Documentary on the Opioid Crisis: NOT IN VEIN. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful documentary films on the subject: “The drugs your kids don’t know they’re taking — open borders and the cartels crossing them to kill our kids.”

Not in Vein - makes it clear that America — [with 72,000 drug overdose deaths last year] — has a very, very serious problem on its hands.

Under the Leadership of Tom Thompson of Refuge Ministries - Ohio, the Dark Wire Company’s Lynda McLaughlin (Sean Hannity’s radio producer) and investigative Fox reporter Sara Carter, the film depicts what Central Ohio is encountering on a daily basis.

Thus, on Sunday evening, January 13th in the SHBC Worship Center we will offer a FREE viewing of this 45-minute film at 6:00 pm. Our aim is to INFORM, EQUIP & MOBILIZE the Christian Faith Community into Action; therefore, a Challenge will be given at its conclusion. However, the film is starkly graphic regarding this Locally Centered National Crisis. Parental Discretion is advised. For questions, contact Pastor Gary @ 587.1200.

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