Skyview Ranch Youth Camp

Skyview Ranch Youth Camp
Tuesday, June 01, 2021 - Friday, June 04, 2021

This is our summer camp for graduating 6th-12th grade students. We offer an amazing summer camp experience for teens! "What makes Skyview different?" So glad that you asked. At most summer camps there is a huge emphasis on kids having FUN and making memories! While those things are important, we think that CHRIST should be plugged right into the middle of those experiences. If we provide those things without also showing them WHO Jesus is, then we've missed out on the ONE PERSON who can truly create change in their hearts!

What Skyview offers is an experience better than "rustic" and more low-tech than other camps costing much more in price. The point of low-tech is that they learn the value of being relational and connecting in ways that promote new friendships rather than simply being "entertained." Skyview is a "safe space" to let kids be themselves and to be poured into by adults who care! We don't cater to the "cool kids" or the "crowd mentality", we are here to make camp meaningful for EVERY student from every economic background and school.

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