Arthritis Survey

Arthritis Survey
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - Monday, May 31, 2021

Would you be willing to help us help people with arthritis?  

if you or anyone you know has arthritis, we need your help!

54M people have it, including 300,000 kids. Along with several other businesses, organizations, and churches, we have a special effort going on in Licking Country to help those effected. If you have arthritis and would be willing to help, please let us know your email and we’ll send you the assessment link. It takes about 10  minutes online. There will be questions asking about your pain, if your sleep is effected, anxiety, depression, how you interact with your doctor supporting you, etc.

We hope to find out what people with arthritis need in Licking County. 1 in 4 people have it, and in ethnic populations, it’s more like 1 in 3. There is no age, race, or occupation or gender that arthritis does not effect.

The end game is to make sure everyone has the educational resources they need, perhaps help in finding a doctor if needed, support for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that are effected and in pain every day. We are also considering a support group possibility if enough people are interested. Thank you for your time and attention in this very important matter. 

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