Middle East – Call Her Blessed

Middle East – Raaja – “Call Her Blessed Ministry”

A Middle Eastern Mission of Love to Abused Women and their Families. The Mission is accomplished with volunteers, our core team of three staff members (2 Palestinians and a Jordanian) and a dedicated servant from Brazil. The primary Modes of Ministry include Accurate Disclosure of the Gospel of Christ, Team Building/Church Development and Training through Educational Workshops.

Areas of Thanksgiving

  • This past year some 30 refugees became believers in Christ!
  • Praise that during this past December, we organized 9 Christmas parties that were attended by some 650 women, 1,700 children and government officials!!
  • Coming soon

Areas of Intercession

  • Many refugees cannot bear “camp life” with its violence and promiscuous living, so in order to protect their families (especially the young girls), many of them leave the camps and come to cities and villages. Praying then for safe housing, schooling and opportunities to hear of and receive Jesus Christ as Savior!
  • During Ramadan, we organized 6 “Iftars” (the meal that breaks their fast), which were attended by nearly 600 adults and 150 children – pray their hearts reflect on Jesus Good news and receive Him as Savior!
  • In the Muslim world, adoption of children is illegal. As a consequence, orphans live in institutions until they reach 18, when they have to leave for a very uncertain future Coming soon. Pray they come across the Love of Believers while Institutionalized and …receive Dreams and Visions of Christ Jesus the Lord!

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