Men’s “8”

8 Weeks. 8 A.M. = Life Change!

Fall Kick-Off Date:  September 15, 2018

At 8 we offer several Bible study options for men.

Men meet together at 8 am on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks in small groups that develop connections between those participating. We throw in 3 breakfasts along the way just for fun, all for the low cost of just $35.

  1. Know Your Enemy – An in depth look at what the Bible reveals about the person and work of the devil.
  2. Identity – Discovering who you really are!
  3. Crucified with Christ – What does it mean to be “crucified with Christ”?
  4. Basic Training Pt. I – An eye opening discussion of 8 essential doctrines vital to a vibrant faith.
  5. Basic Training Pt. II – How to have strength that goes beyond yourself.

To make matters a bit more enticing we also schedule three delicious breakfasts that men love. All this for just $35.00

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Jeff Houghton
Pastoral Care & Family Ministries Pastor

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