Prayer and Support

Biblical Guidance

Pastor Tom Pound holds a degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Pastoral Care and Counseling (M.A.P.C.)He is available to assist you in personal, relational, family and marriage issues. To schedule an appointment, call 740.587.1200.


Congregational Care

Contact Pastor Gary Kirkpatrick for congregational care needs.

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Prayer Ministry

We believe in the power of prayer.  God is immensely powerful, creative, generous, and intimate.  God is for us, not against us.  He holds all things together, and He has the power to change the course of events.  We believe God is willing and able to heal.  We also know we have an enemy who is working against us.  We believe effective prayer is far more about a partnership with God.  The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective, and uniting with others in prayer helps to increase effectiveness.

Jeremiah 27:5; Acts 17:27-28; Psalm 34:18; Romans 5:6-8; Romans 8:15; Ephesians 6:12; Ephesians 6:13-18; Luke 10:19; Matthew 18:19-20; James 5:13-17

We have two areas where people serve in our prayer ministry:

Crisis Prayer Team:  Our Crisis Prayer Team is led by Pastor Gary and receives notifications during the week to pray as people face crisis situations.  

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Healing Prayer Team:  Our Healing Prayer Team is led by Percella Gualitieri and is available to pray with people after each service.  Our Healing Prayer Team is also available at other times when requested to pray with people for healing, guidance, or other needs.

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Gary Kirkpatrick
Crisis Prayer Team Leader                                                                
Email:  Gary Kirkpatrick ( )

If you would like to serve on our crisis prayer team, contact Gary at  .

Percella Gualitieri 
Healing Prayer Team                                                            
Email:  Percella Gualtieri ( )

If you would like to serve on our healing prayer team, contact Percella at  .

Community Support

To download our Community Resource Guide please click here.